Buffalo lime arugula + honey garlic caramelized onion corn tacos

So most importantly My boyfriend claimed that these were the BEST tacos he had ever had… EVER! This is a pretty huge feather in my chef’s hat, because he is a big fan (and critic) of all things Mexican.

Buffalo lime arugula + honey garlic caramelized onion corn tacos

I started by slicing 1 yellow onion into rings and browning it slowly with butter, until golden brown, then add a big squeeze of garlic honey sauce (a friend made and bartered with my for some garden goods. Essentially it is roasted garlic infused in liquid honey and I use it all the time) let this simmer and sear for a minute and finish with S+P and set aside.

De-glaze the pan with a little water and add your fresh ground bison (1lb) and the following seasonings: cumin, cayenne, chili, garlic, minced green chili, S+P, as much of each as you like. Brown all the meat the add 1 can of tomato paste (or a big squeeze or organic ketchup) along with 1 heaping table spoon of black bean flour combined in a small cup with about 3/4 cup of warm water, allow to thicken and add extra heat of your so inclined.

Coarsely chop a big handful of arugula and dress with the juice of 2 limes, a glug of olive oil and S+P (I used a lavender lemon sea salt that I adore) toss and set aside.

Dice the following garnishes: fresh soft feta, tomato, avocado, good quality black olives + cilantro.

Using a cast iron skillet lightly brown fresh corn tortilla’s on both sides using a little oil.

Stack these authentic Mexican delights up with everything and serve hot (so you can fold the taco if you want to make it easier to eat)

Something really magic happens between the spicy rich meat, the honey sweetness of the onion and the sharp peppery arugula and it’s punch of lime, and the saltiness of a good olive.  I have to agree with my boyfriend (even after living in Mexico for half a year) these are indeed the best tacos I have ever had too!

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