Wonderful White Fish Spread

I had a hankering for hummus but no chick peas, so I whipped up this navy bean dip, and finally delved into the world of seafood sustainability + sardines! This turned out to be a super upscale “tunafish sandwich” that my daughter devoured!

White Fish Spread


1 cup of organic navy beans, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp sesame oil, S+P, good squeeze lemon juice, and a lot of nice olive oil, taste and season more as required.

Enter Sardines:

So part of my move towards eating fish again, is consuming ONLY sustainable fish, and sardines top the chart, the big problem is I have NEVER cooked or eaten them before, so on good advise I bought from the Italian market a couple nice cans of sardine packed in olive oil which were skinless and boneless fillets. The smelled and tasted divine, right out of the can. So with confidence i broken them into bite size chunks with a fork and folded them into the bean mix along with a little fresh Italian parsley.

To carry the spread:

Grill nice artisan bread on a flat cast iron pan in 1/2” slices each rubbed with 1 garlic clove and some olive oil, and sprinkling of sea salt.

As I was eating this I decided that next time I make it I will add diced artichoke hearts to the spread as well!

Sustainable and Scrumptious! Watch for more adventures in sardines!


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