Take a Minute to Act…

The below link will take you to Fresh the Movie’s, action petition against Monsanton’s newest product…. GM alfalfa, which is on the table to be approved this month by the USDA.

Alfalfa is a HUGE and essential seed stock in the grass fed and organic beef and pork industry, with the introduction of GM alfalfa to the western market, it won’t be long before the majority of these locally grown crops will be the patented property of Monsanto’s, as has happened already with soy (95%) and corn (80%).

We have enough GMO food in this world which we are only now beginning to see the effects of, this approval by the USDA will make eating organic meat safely all the more difficult. This is a huge step backwards and just another shinning example of the USDA protecting the interest of big business not the people. Although this is a US decision, our Canadian Food system is so reliant on the US and it’s protocol, that it is REALLY VERY IMPORTANT to take action, take a minute and let the USDA know that this is not OK!


More on Monsanto’s and GM corn see an earlier blog

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