Urban Chickens

Having chickens is like having a magic little production system in your yard…. where kitchen waste gets turned into fresh eggs, and nitrogen rich compost. And what could be a better step towards being more self sufficient that adding some lovely ladies to your yard to help with the work? It just doesn’t get much more local than your own backyard!

As we are only a few short months away from moving to the mountains, I think one of the many things I am looking forward to most is having chickens! If I wasn’t moving this spring I would defiantly be building a little chicken coop to house a few urban chickens, in my backyard. Instead we will be houses a couple dozen hens in a rolling coop for most of the season and our chickens will winter in a passive solar greenhouse.

As you re probably aware there is certainly some controversy across Canada and the US about home owners keeping chickens, and there is no end of regulation and bylaws which community groups are fighting, to allow folks to get one step closer to their food source.

A backyard garden along with backyard chickens just makes so much sense for so many reasons: you reduce your dependency on external food systems, you reduce your carbon imprint substantially, you increase your vitamin and mineral intake, you take control of what is in the food you are eating, you learn valuable skills, and you are reconnecting to the cycle of food.

I just finished reading a really inspiring story of an Australian family of 3 who go on a 6 month journey to sustain their family on only what they grow and barter from their backyard. It was a great read and it has helped make our future plans seem all the more doable. Also the volume of CHEESE this family made from one goat was really exciting!

Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn

There are lots of wonderful resources out there about chicken keeping and urban farming, and here are a few of my favourites:









For more info on CLUCK Calgary Liberated Urban Chicken Klub




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