WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? (rant time)

So I was sitting down to post a recipe for a really lovely venison and stout stew I made last night, when I decided I had had enough of seeing all of these new developments in over packaged microwavable processed “foods”! I just have to rant! With the common awareness seemingly increasing of our limited resources and huge waste disposal problems I  find myself in a horrified state of shock and awe upon seeing endless new products hit the market that throw this awareness to the side and continue to push the limits of health and safety, gross over consumption and waste, to a brave new marketable place.

What a sad world we live in when the newest celebrated achievement in convenience food, also provides consumers with exposure to Dioxins, DEHA + PVC’s (know carcinogens) through their breakthrough steam in plastic trays, while promoting there ultra processed,  GMO, corn filled “meals” as HEALTHY CHOICES!!! How can this be real?  Seriously, didn’t we already learn along time ago  how dangerous micro-waving food in plastic is? Why are consumers so trusting of the producers guidelines for what makes a plastic microwave “safe” Who is buying this stuff? and why?

More on Micro-waving Food and the dangers of micro-waving plastic:



What about the simple over packaging of these products? Why are producers creating so much single use plastic? I think this is alarmingly clear when you look at the newest product line by Dr. Oetker … a magic rigid plastic tube, you simply add liquid to a pre measured, stabilized, preserved, artificially flavoured muffin mix, then shake, bake ‘oh and toss the now single use garbage container away! Wow.



All of this is just really really sad, this isn’t food, it is garbage, toxic waste in a pretty package, and in the case of Uncle Ben’s Bistro meals, their marketing team is also reliant on half naked women to encourage sales, of this obviously unnecessary 90 second product.


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