Carrot & Ginger Risotto

What to do with left over carrot soup…. make it even better by slowly simmering it with Arborio rice white wine and herbs, that’s what! The other night I made a big ‘ol pot of carrot and ginger soup which was silky and zesty, but after we all devoured a couple bowls, that last thing I wanted to do today was serve left overs, So this was my off the cuff solution:

Take  4 or so cups of left over soup and warm on the back burner in a pot along with about 3 cups of additional water (if the soup is really thick). Now it’s time to get out the 3 most important tools for making risotto… I grab my largest deepest stainless frying pan, a big wine glass, and my wide wooden paddle spoon with a tacky giraffe handle.

Open the wine and pour yourself a glass, melt a big knob of butter in the pan and add about 1.5 cups of Arborio rice and a good pinch of salt, coat the rice in butter and warm over medium heat for a minute or two. Now add a good glug of wine and slowly start moving the rice and wine around the pan, I use a sweeping “S” technique, now for the next 30 minutes or so keep moving the rice slowly and each time the liquid level gets low add the warm stock 1 ladleful at a time. continue. repeat. continue. repeat.. mmm don’t forget to top up your wine glass as required.

During this process the only thing I do other than the above is mince a clove of garlic and an extra pinch of grated ginger to add to the pan along with one of the stock ladlefuls. Season with S+P as required, and just keep tasting the rice after you pass the 20 minute mark, you want it cooked through but not mushy, so it’s important that as soon as you have the perfect risotto texture, you remove the pan from the heat and toss in some chopped flat leaf parsley, and grated cheese of your choice… about a handful, mix together and serve hot. I served this with  lemon ginger grilled veggie, and it was perfect.


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