In Celebration of Earth Day: Food4Thought

An evening you don’t want to miss!

Being the accredited Earth Day Canada Co-ordinator for Calgary, I felt we needed a spirited celebration of Food for our city’s Earth Day Festivities. REAP quickly jumped on board and Food 4 Thought was born. This event will wrap up Down to Earth Week, REAP’s Annual education series .

Our evening will host farmers and chefs teamed up together to bring you not only amazing bites of celebrated local food, but a wealth of information and ideas on why susuatiable farming is best. This is your chance to meet your local farmers and ask them about their practises, then talk to some of the cities finest chef’s about why they go to the lengths they go to, to serve the fruits of our farmers labour.

From 6 pm- 7:30 you will Meet, and Eat, mingle and enjoy tasty conversations, then we are pround to be screening (for the first time in Calgary)

Food Fight : A documentary by Chris Taylor on the state of our food industry today, and the new revolution of sustainable food. An inspiration film about our future with real food!

More info here


One Comment to “In Celebration of Earth Day: Food4Thought”

  1. Really hope to make it to this !!

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