stir fried rice lettuce wrap with spicy mango salsa

This is a super simple mid week meal (especially if you have some left over grain or rice, which I always seems too)

I had a lovely head of red leaf lettuce that was calling to me along with some mango and left over steamed brown rice, so this is what I threw together in about 8 minutes, it was light and yummy and super versatile!

I started by making the best scrambled eggs I have ever made, and I focused really hard on NOT stirring them almost at all, and I think that and a lot of butter was the key to my success! In a small cast iron pan melt 2 tbsp or more of butter, in a small bowl whisk 2 eggs with a dash of water, and let them bubble and cook before jumping in the pan with a spatula as I always do. then gently fold them… like 3 times only! and wait in between. Patience grasshopper * I literally chanted this mantra while making these eggs. Remove fluffy super yummy eggs from the pan and warm a bit of canola oil to a pretty high heat, quickly fry your cooked rice in pan and add 1 knob of minced ginger and 1 clove of minced garlic along with S+P and a drizzle of sesame oil. Remove from heat and garnish with flax seeds, sesame seeds and chopped green onions.

For the salsa I whipped it up with 3 mangos diced, 1 tiny red onion minced finely, 1 jalapeño again minced, a little glug of oil and a squeeze of fresh lime, and  S+P. This plate was my dinner and I assembled 4 little wraps using whole crisp red leaf lettuce. So easy. Obviously you could substitute tempeh for the eggs and make it vegan, but either way it’s a great quick Gluten Free and low carb meal meal.


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