growing slowly

Sheepishly I am writing, it has been ages since my last post. I am swamped with settling in to Kootenay time, but I have lots of exciting food in the ground I can’t wait to cook and share with all of you! For now it will be at least a week before I get back to recipe posting as I am taking a 2 week course at the beautiful Mountain Water Retreat in Nelson, being served wonderful fresh whole food each day, so I am enjoying being catered to right now, and will get back to catering to my family next week! The above picture is of the new buds on my grape vines! I think there will be grape jellies and wine in my future!

In addition to the grape vines and the huge garden I have planted I am looking forward to harvesting: cherries, plumbs, saskatoons, thimble berries, elderberries, and chestnut trees, also we have found wild ginger, morel & lobster mushrooms on our land. Can’t wait to enjoy!

I am posting regularly on the building blog about the garden and progress if your interested!


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