fresh direction for SOLE food

Excerpt from rbrand building blog…

“I have also decided to amend my cooking with S.O.L.E blog: while living in the city, seeking out Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical Food could be quite a challenge, and cooking with found treasures, while meeting sustainable farmers was really enjoyable, but now that I am living as part of a food system that is so strongly founded in my ethics of eating I am going to shift my blog focus to my adventures in harvesting and preserving and preparing the bounty of my local Food Shed. The blog will be renamed FOOD SHED (in Kootenay time), and I can’t wait to get cooking, fermenting, drying, canning, cold cellaring and over wintering my bounty and sharing my trails and successes.

The garden is EXPLODING which is wonderful, I am still fearful I have not planted enough food, but I feel this way every year, and this garden is by FAR the largest under my belt. I am trying to follow a new mantra these days to do one thing daily which adds to our food shed. Inspired by the novel Independence Days by Sharon Astyk “ a guide to sustainable food storage and preservation” where I will attempt to do one of these things each day: Plant Something, Harest Something, Preserve Something, Minimize Waste , Waste Not, Cook Something New, Manage my Reserves, Work on my Local Food System. And I will add out of my own permaculture ethic BUILD SOIL to this list. Some of these things (especially the later half) I already strive for most days, or on any given opportunity… but planting and harvesting and preserving are my current challenges. Newly inspired by this great read Mia and I starting harvest huge bushels of Mint from our bog, which we have since dried and jarred. We will do more tomorrow along with picking thimble berries starting to splatter the hillside. I have a “Build Solar Dryer” on Dylan’s “TO BUILD” list but it is soooo long these days I am going to keep small batching things with what I can dry inside right now… which might mean frozen berries for a while.”

So having said all of that We are already well on our way to the daily goals. Yesterday I eyed up my cherry trees, which are hoarding all the juicy reddest cherries oh about 50 feet above my head! I used my apple picker not to grab the cherries (because they are too tiny for the hooks) but to grab at branches and pull them down to jump (literally) up to grab what I could. I was pretty happy with my big bowl full of cherries in exchange for a crazy cardio routine. As I pondered how I might like to preserve these little tasty jewels, I ate and ate until I only had a little bowl full of fruit which I am certain to finish today! So unless I get a BIG ladder this might be 1 of 2 bowls of cherries from my yard. “cherries from my yard.!!!!!” Did I just say that?? This kootenay living is wonderful!

Today I am off to find citric acid, so that I can make elderflower syrup, I will post recipes and pictures soon after.  The plum tree is sure to be a huge harvest, and I am dying to try my hand at British brown sauce (HP)! I met a lady down at the local farmers market who makes her own with plums and I must say it is to die for, just like the real deal only a touch fruitier with a little more kick! The grapes are growing and oh so cute. Saskatoon Berrie Trees are flushing with little berries, Huge zucchini blossoms burst open yesterday and the first green peas are looking juicy enough to snack on! It is a pretty exciting time here.

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  1. Its been to long since I have checked out the blog. Sounds really exciting and even more appetizing! Can’t wait to visit and taste!


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