foodshed: garden tour

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Well I finally did a garden tour video, it’s no pro job, just a quickie with our little camera, and very little editing, but it will give those interested a little glimpse of how I am pulling all of these things together; the swale, the sheet multch, the kooch grass battles, the chicken tractor, our new garden shed, and you’ll see some of the beautiful food we have been eating. You’ll find the video here on youtube.

I have spent much of this week picking plums, elderberries, and squash. I also had to deal with 2 huge buckets of potatoes which with the help of my Mom and Tash we managed to get them all out of the ground. Now I need to put them back in the ground… the plan is to bury a big indistrial drum into the earth below the garden shed, and I will put some wood slating down the bottom, add a vent tube and keep the burlap bags of dusted potatoes in there for the season, hopefully along with many pumkins and squash to come.

Needing too use up all the plums and elderberries I made a few yummy baked goods: Elderberry Spelt and Oat scone, which I must say for my first stab at scones, I was pretty happy with the results, the recipe I loosely used was this one from 101 cookbooks one of my favourite whole food cooking sites. I also made a loaf of a savoury plum rye bread which Dylan has been devouring. I oven baked a batch of Elderberry syrup which yielded on large jar destine for buckwheat pancakes. I whipped up a big batch of fresh pesto using a monster basil plant just about to flower, so I grabed handfuls of leaves and will let the plant produce seed to keep. Speaking of seeds I am well on my way, collecting hot pepper seeds, and sunburst squash seeds too. I have bags of frozen plums and cherries now and I am planning to make jams and brown sauce. The grapes are bursting but not ready yet, but I had to net off the vines to keep the birds from eating them.

I know I keep saying my next project is the chicken coop for the winter, but I think I finally have a great idea to integrate some useful waste we have on site and I can’t wait to share the details of the build soon! The walls will incorporate food and water delivery systems, roosting boxes, and some insulation! More on that soon.


2 Comments to “foodshed: garden tour”

  1. Hi,
    By chance I found you blog, I really enjoy it and you have inspired me to keep blogging. I’m on a similar journey, thankyou for sharing yours.
    Kindest Regards Robyn

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