For the birds

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We spent the afternoon daubing the waddle for the winter coop, what a simple forgiving grounded form of building! I just love slapping around mud! I will go into more detail about the chicken coop on the building blog later this weekend but today I wondered around the yard and garden in awe of the changes of season…. I am letting everything go to seed to collect later, I am drying beans and peas, waiting on green tomatoes while beginning to enjoy the lovely tomatillo’s . The grape vines are flush and incredible and the chickens are getting HUGE! Thus the need for the second coop and extended run. Tomorrow will be a big day in coop finishing! You’ll see some new pics of our lovely birds, my favorite image is of Red Barron the little black and white bantam, on the coop perch kacadoodle-do-ing… ? We thought he was a gal… but we stand corrected, which sadly means he would make a very little roast and no tiny eggs 😦 Lucky for him we love his personality and he was keep to lean to jump today while Mia and I fed the birds peas if they jumped for them! It was too fun. The other bird picture I love is Elvis (a feather footed black cochin) surrounded by his Ladies: Sid Viscious and Miss Corby, as well as Yoko.

Stocked up on more canning supplies today and plan to do another round of pickles and and beets in the next few days as well as grape jelly…soon.

While wondering through the garden I picked a little basket of pizza toppings and we used Greek style store bought pita to make individual pizzas the one I especially adored both making and eating had a simple olive oil crust and garlic rub base (no sauce) topped with slice tomitillos (which were bright and almost citrus like), fresh fennel greens, some endive, black olives, hot peppers from the garden too, goat feta and mozza, topped with sea salt and pepper… mmm I then topped the toasted browned pizza pie with a  simple salad of greens and endive finely ribboned and tossed with Mia’s garlic lemon dressing. YUMM!


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