more squash and more pickling

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There doesn’t seem to be an end to the preserving of things these days…. My sweet neighbor brought over the most beautiful pale green tiny zucchini’s yesterday I sliced them up along with some beautiful jumbo shallots and made mustard garlic quick refrigerator pickles, which smells divine! I can’t wait to try these. I also did a huge batch of sauerkraut both green cabbage flavored with juniper berries and red cabbage with some garlic and hot chili too.

Last post I did while letting a new bread recipe rise and I was honestly really happy with the results. Pretzel making was a first for me the recipe I tried was really easy and didn’t involve too much waiting or hand kneading for that matter! We devoured 16 pretzels and a batch of super garlicky lemon mustard dip within 18 hours! The dough was proofed, boiled salted and then baked. I think this would also be a great start to a bagel recipe…

The chickens got to open graze the garden the other day and it was wonderful to watch them adventuring, they all came home when it was time… and a huge zucchini to bait them in made it easy, although if I am honest i think even the bird are growing tired of zucchini!

I am still picking grapes like mad trying to get 5 lbs ready for jelly. And on the mushroom front OMG we have massive plumes of fungi EVERYWHERE! Never in my life have I seen so many species of mushrooms, they are simply everywhere I look and walk. I can’t wait to do this edible mushroom forage adventure this weekend! The other event I am looking forward to is our local barter fair, hosted by the local natives it is a three day music and cultural fest complete with bartering and trading of supplies! I have bundled up 100g baggies of organic Spirolina, & Licorish Root, and I am going to make a big batch of my Chia Power Squares to trade. My daughter has sorted and bagged dozens of beautiful feather from our heritage birds, I think she will do well trading them!

The quick pickled zucchini recipe I did was a hybrid version of Martha Stewart and Heidi Swanson;s recipes. Here is what I did:

Slice 1/8” pieces of zuchini, I used about a dozen tiny zuc’s, slice 1 large shallot 1/8” toss in a bowl with 2 tbsp of salt, let mix sit in a towel in the fridge to dry for at least an hour.. I let it drain for about 4 hours and still put the mix in a salad spinner and got some excess water out. This might be best to do over night.

Boil a brine of the following items: 4 cups of water, 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup cane sugar, 1/2 cup honey, and 2 tbsp each yellow mustard and grainy mustard. (You could use mustard powder and seeds here.. I just couldn’t find my last box of spices since the move, so I substituted)

Sterilize mason jars. This yielded 2x 1L portions. In the bottom of each jar place 2 garlic cloves + 8 black pepper corns , then fill with zucchini and onion slices, top with your boiling brine and place a clean lid on the jars. Store in the fridge for at least a week before eating, they can stay there in use for 1 month.

These would be great on a burger, or as a quick salad just add to the top of green’s and you have veg and dressing all in one.

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