stupid easy – super quick – fried rice feast

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I have been baking up a storm these days, but have neglected my blogs oh so much… tis the season I guess. I have a million images of things I have been making, however I just haven’t found the time to share recipes and post them.

I feel I am still morning the loss of my garden, and I am eager to get back into the growing season: I miss sun warmed tomatoes, and fresh greens and herbs, and my heart breaks when I have to buy lettuce these days! The one thing I am certainly not buying currently is eggs! we are flush with eggs… our little ladies are up to 7 eggs a day, this has meant lots of frittatas, macaroons, and fried egg samies!

I have been making a lots of really yummy asian inspired dishes over the past few months, mainly because lots of them are one pot dishes and really quick and easy to make. Tonight I made some simple veggie salad rolls to accompany a wicked rice stir fry with herb tofu and baby bok choy… The best thing about this dinner is I used my stove top!!!! Last week my vintage wood / electric oven decided to operate after months of oven only, so I packed in the hot plates and got cooking. I feel so liberated from many power cords, my counter tops are free and clear and in the process my kitchen cabinets all came together and my mish-mash-half-finished kitchen has really started to shape up into a clean and bright functional tiny space to work in! All good things.

This fried rice dish is a new take on my extra rice in the fridge stand buy. I started buy browning 1/4” slices of organic herb and garlic tofu in a large cast iron pan with canola oil, season with S+P and set aside once both sides are golden brown. Using the same hot pan add diced veggies what ever you have on hand, tonight I used mushrooms, green onion, green pepper, and baby bok choy. Brown these all along with a lot of minced garlic and freshly grated ginger, S+P and a good splash of soy sauce. Once the veg are just browned (not over cooked) set them aside with the tofu. Add a little more oil to your pan and start frying 2 cups of cooked rice, keep it moving and crack 3 eggs on top of the rice. Slowly break the yokes and move the eggs around waiting for them to cook in large-ish sections in between stirring it into the rice mix. Add another splash of soy sauce (or Braggs) and a little slosh of rice vinegar, then toss back in your veggies and cooked tofu. Give everything a quick mix and serve hot sprinkled with some toasted cashews and sesame seeds.

Tomorrow my daughter and I will be baking a mass of solstice cookies, I will have lots of recipes and pictures to share!

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