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January 24, 2011

Tequila Sunrise and Texan Roosters

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Last weekend we broke out the propane turkey deep fryer, and invited some friends over for a Texan fry up. We thawed and seasoned Paul, Ringo and George (our most newly departed Roosters). Two of the boys got a Franks Red Injection and the last Beatle got a garam masala rub down and all of them hit the corn oil, in rotation with french fries and corn fritters. This was our first success at poultry frying (anyone who attended our Easter ’10 TexasTurkey Mishap knows how earned this success was!). The night was wonderful the birds a hit and in fact the chickens disappeared so fast I didn’t even have a chance to snap a picture of them in all their golden glory. I did however roast another rooster the following night and part of the leftovers from him became maybe the best chicken stew I have ever made, and the rest went into this saucy smoky southern dish, assembled with left over basmati brown rice and rooster.

A few years ago I made some spice blend sets for Christmas presents and my favorite blend “Chili Hot Hot” snuck it’s way into many many a dish after that holiday season. The other day I was inspired to create another batch chili blend and I came up with what I am calling Tequila Sunrise. Using some of the most punchy bright and fresh organic spices  and made a chipotle, paprika, chili, garlic lemon rub with a hit of toasted cumin. Yum. The blend is kick your ass hot and I went a little far on it’s virgin run; but this is what I threw together and it was smoking good! You could and likely should (unless your a masochist like me) keep the this toned down version:

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