Rant about safe food

It has been a while since I had a good blog rant and it’s about time…

My day today started as I read a through a number of awfully sad reports on the state of GMO and the misguided USDA partnership with my favorite Goliath company Monsanto’s, seems that Whole Food Market (the leading Natural Food Store in the US) is also in bed with the monster, and somewhere along the way this trusted brand representing organic clean and safe foods gave into profits and has made a fortune duping it’s consumers selling GMO conventional crops under their all natural banner.

GMO food is terrifying for so many reasons: it is having detrimental effects on humans, water, soil, animals, air and ozone. Simply put allowing multinational companies like Monsantos and Dow to decide that their profits are more important than our lives is criminal, and furthermore these multinational’s have gone so far as to create legislation to protect their profits. Both the Canadian and the US government have been bought and they have turned a blind eye to human welfare for the mighty buck.

Those of you who know me, know that I have spent years and years of my life in the natural food industry working towards sustainable food systems while studying the horrors of the industrialized food complex, to a point in my life where I was fearful and mistrusting of almost all food, I ate very few foods, and began my 3 year mission to meet farmers and grow my own food… that adventure ultimately lead me out of my urban prairie home and drove me and my family to this little smallholding in the Slocan Valley on a quest to raise livestock, grow and preserve more food than my family could ever need, and to nurture the land we occupy. In essence to reconnect with our own food system and to learn the skills our generation has overlooked.

I have a small following of readers, some family and friends, some business relations, many new subscribers who have stumbled upon this blog, and I feel like this blog is a venue for me to share recipes and ideas about sustainable foods. I recommended reading, and documentaries, share info on food events, and report on farmers I have met growing real food, and I share recipes for foods I feed my family, foods that feed our souls. But perhaps the most important message I can share is that the food on your grocery store shelf isn’t fit to eat. It takes a dedicated effort to gear yourself with the tools you need to eat safely in a conventional grocery setting, and just buying big box organic food from your large chain grocery stores just isn’t enough to know your eating safely. Health isn’t sacred to our government and the regulations in place do not protect you the consumer from unfit food, rather they protect the interests and profits of processors and chemical companies.

Some of you may find this statement harsh, but I urge you to do some further reading and I have included a number of links below which I hope some of you will investigate…

Whole Foods bows down to Monsantos

Current actions / petitions and info about the food you eat

10 steps to eating better for you and the planet

A really great looking FREE iapp to guide you through safe food on grocery shelves

GMO alfalfa approved

Some of my past rants (articles chocked full of documentary links and reading suggestion)

On seafood:

On GMO corn:

On processed over packaged conventional foods


5 Responses to “Rant about safe food”

  1. I feel the same way, I am a new reblogger and due to the serious health concerns on processed food I have been in the process of switching my family to homegrown and homemade. It is hard work. But I have already seen a difference in my son.

    I can only pray that our government will wake up, but hope is a stern, taxing mistress and I fear for the worst.



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