Sticky Ginger Tofu, with Swiss Chard and Cashews

Sticky Ginger Tofu, with Swiss Chard and Cashews: Wheat & Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan.

This dish makes a wonderful meal with a nice grain like quinoa or brown rice. It takes only minutes to make and is packed with vitamins and flavor. Also it is some of the only local fresh veggies I can get these days, So i try to cook with Kale and Chard as much as possible.

You’ll need:

1/2 block of firm tofu

Seasoning: S+P, Garlic, fresh ginger, dried lemon rind (or juice), Braggs, Honey, Asian dressing (home-made or store-bought)

Oil for frying and sesame oil for finishing

1 bunch of fresh Swiss chard or kale

1/2 cup of nuts or seeds.

Start by cubing up 1/2 a block of firm tofu (Organic SilverKing Tofu from Nelson is my top pick as always) season cubes with S+P, garlic granules, dried lemon rind, and freshly ground ginger. Brown these in hot vegetable oil and once most of the sides are nice and golden, add 1 tbsp Braggs, and 1 tsp of honey, along with a splash of Asian salad dressing (I make one with balsamic and rice vinegar, garlic, ginger and soy) This older post has a my go to asian dressing recipe on it. Once the honey is in be sure to stir lots so everything gets well coasted and starts getting sticky. Remove from heat and set the tofu aside in a bowl, and de-glaze the pan  with 2 tbsp lemon juice and a little pat of butter (or oil for a vegan dish). Now add in the bottom stocks of a swiss chard finely diced along with a small handful of cashew pieces. Salt these and allow them to cook down for 5 minutes, then add the rest of the chard finely diced too along with another splash of Asian dressing, cook for 2-4 minutes. Add your tofu back to the pan along with another hit of zest from fresh ginger and just a drizzle of sesame oil, stir and cover the dish removed from heat. Let set 3 minutes and serve.


2 Comments to “Sticky Ginger Tofu, with Swiss Chard and Cashews”

  1. Hey Shauna!

    I was inspired by this and did something similar, but a little different. I prepared the tofu like you did, using a great gluten-free organic store bought spicy szechuan sauce. Then glazed with honey (this was perfect, and gave a nice glaze finish) I used rapini instead of chard, and added red peppers and mushrooms. YUM. Perfectly spicy, and sweet all at the same time. I also enjoy how it offset the bitterness of the rapini. Didnt have any nuts around, but thought it could be good with crushed pistachios.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    • mmm David,

      It sounds delicious! I love rapini… i should put that on my seed list for planting this year. I never find it in stores.
      I always try to keep a good supply of nuts and seeds around for this very reason, a quick toast and sprinkle adds volumes to most dishes.I am glad you found some inspiration here! xo

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