Seedy Sunday & Goat Cheese Corn Bread

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While I was at Seedy Sunday picking up and eying over and a zillion locally saved seeds dreaming of my spring time produce isle in the front yard, I had a big ‘ol slow cooker pot of chili going back home so I planed to make a batch of cheesy cornbread muffins.

I wanted to try out a cornbread recipe my sister in law gave me just today, hers was a fluffy sweet cornbread, and I was after a savoury chilli accompaniment. I used her based recipe and tweaked it and tweaked it, because as I got everything together I realized I had only 1/4c of corn meal left in all of my stocks and supplies, that was it. I did however have a bag of Maseca (Mercian corm masa mix), I was commited to the project so i tucked in and created a stellar gluten free gooey savory bread that might just be the best batch I have ever made!

Also on the testing and shooting from the hip culinary world, my challenge today was to make chili, with no tomatoes. I know, crazy. Never before have I attempted chilli, this way.. but due to some food  sensitivities my partner is addressing, I am doing the majority of our family meals and baking without cow dairy, wheat, meat, or nightshades… just to name a few. (essentially this follows a A blood type menu). After stewing up beans and rice with carrots and corn, garlic and onions for hours, I spiced the pot as I would any chili: molasses, cumin, L&P sauce, my tequila sunrise chilli blend…but I knew I wasn’t getting over the missing tomato base, so inspired by Vietnamese sauté soup.. I hit the Almond Butter and coconut milk, with a hint of citrus and lime leaf. Mmm such a great avenue.. the chili was a asian like nutty hot stew. It turned out better than I had hoped!

So here is my goat cheese and sun dried tomato cornbread recipe best  ever cornbread mistake…

3/4 cup kamut flour

1/4 cup buckwheat

1/4 cornmeal

3/4 cup meseca mix

2 Tbsp cane sugar

1 Tbsp maple syrup

3 tsp bp

2 eggs

1.5 c milk

1/3 c oil

Goat cheese about 1/8 cup crumbled

Sundried tomatoes (about 8 of them reconstituted in hot water then sliced)

Sift dry, mix into wet, add chesee and tomatoes, portion mix into prepared skillet or mini loaf pan (heat the pan oiled in the oven while it is coming to temp. so the batter sizzles when it first hits the pan)

400º 20 min yield 8 mini loaf or 1 large skillet


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