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March 12, 2011

petit ebi?

Occupying my culinary life over the past 3 days has been preparing for my daughter 9th Birthday Party. It was a sushi night complete with little petite four sushi cakes and rice crispies rolls. I made a lovely vanilla sheet cake, and cut and iced and rolled and designed various sweet sushi cakes. I think they turned out pretty darn cute and I especially love the Ebi!

Along with the sushi cakes, I made some veggie and smoked salmon sushi, rocking veggie rolls, and steamed dumplings. I was trying hard to slip in as many veggies as possible to make up for the gummies prawn tails, and fruit by the foot nori’s which would follow dinner.

I was really fortunate as a child to grow up spending a great deal of time at my grandmothers home, where her and my uncle Gary and Anutie Clarene created stunning wedding and holidays cakes with an endless supply of creative energy and raw sugar art talents. I learned to ice roses when I was 7, and I would help to ice them by the hundreds every time some one was getting married. One of the most exciting things to do each year was to go through the newest annual cake pan catalogue and select a dream cake for my next birthday. I remember my uncle creating for my  9th or 10th birthday a 2 tiered winter wonderland, complete with skating penguins on a frozen pond, dripping icicles and an ice sugar igloo topper. You may well imagine that I now find a good sense of excitement in creating fun and wonderful cakes for my daughters birthday each year. And this year was no exception. This is the only time of year I really break out all the kit and go to town on a cake. My day to day decorating style tends to be more quick glazes and nut crumbles.

A few years ago I made her a watermellon birthday cake which was a strawberry pink cake dotted with chocolate chip seeds, sitting on a bed of leaves complete with a chocolate UPC code sticker. This was one of my favorites. And it was much funner to do than the year prior when I iced 100 mini cupcakes with blue and white flowers and a broken & cast right arm!