Honey Lime Lake Fish Tacos

I was thrilled the other day when our friend dropped of some beautiful fresh Dolly Varden fish steaks, from a successful day on the lake. I decided to whip us some  fish tacos for dinner last night and I am happy to share the simple steps I took to get these beautiful fish steaks on the table. These tacos aren’t your traditional fish tacos, but they are a really nice spin on the old stand by.

You’ll need:

4x 1” thick fresh fish steaks (skin on and bone in is fine)

S+P, tequila sunrise spice blend (or a hot Mexican blend)

butter (or oil), lime juice, honey, garlic, chives, greens, hot sauce and organic corn tortillas.

Start by seasoning both sides of the fish steaks with S+P and a good sprinkle of tequila sunrise (this is a hot smoky spice blend I make, you could use a Mexican chili blend and add some cumin to it). In a cast iron pan quickly fry 3 large minced cloves of garlic with 2 large diced green onions, brown in butter, then set aside in large bowl. Add more butter to the pan, and once it is melted and hot place your fish steaks in. DONT MOVE THEM. Let them cook for 4 minutes a side undisturbed. When they are golden brown they will not stick to the pan, and you’ll be able to easily flip them and cook the other side the same.

Remove fish from heat and add 2 tbsp of honey to the pan along with 2 tbsp fresh lime juice and another small pad of butter, quickly melt this mix together and set aside. Begin removing large flakes of the fish from the skin and bone and add them into the garlic and chive bowl.  Once all the fish meat is in the bowl drizzle the hot honey lime juice over everything and gently toss, serve with your favorite taco toppings. We enjoyed organic corn tortillas (heated quickly on a dry pan), assorted greens, a drizzle of chili sauce and some fresh goat feta (feta to die for made from the lovely goats we visited this weekend!)

When all was said and done we had food in mouth 15 minutes after I pulled the fish from the fridge!

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