easy peasy lemon squeezy

So this is like the best thing on the planet to eat; lemon curd. Good old fashion british lemon spread. I love the stuff and enjoyed it while in the UK, it can be hard to find here, and certainly I haven’t found a nice organic product. So when I stumbled upon this recipe at pickle and preserve a UK blog my mind was set and off to market I went for a bag of organic lemons. I used the exact recipe and method from the link above, only I doubled the batch, and it took me almost double the time (due to sea level I think). We had some friends over the night I made this we we literally stood around the kitchen licking up dribbles and plates from the 3/4 jar we consumed smothered on hot thin pancakes.

The game at our house right now is “what can I put lemon curd on?”… crackers, toast, dried apples, pancakes, frenchtoast…. all of these combinations have met our approval in the past 24 hours.

I have a new sourdough “fridge baby”, this starter was shared with me from a friend down the valley who coined the term fridge baby, and I am eager to bust into it make a rustic sourdough spelt lemon tart… if we have any curd left after tonight’s fridge raid.

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