simple split pea chaat masala soup

A savory and warm split pea soup with smoky cumin and masala spices: vegan, vegetarian, gluten and wheat free.

Why is it I always forget how much I adore pea soup until it reaches my mouth? I fall in love all over again every time I taste it. I think I have only made pea soup once before but today was the day for batch number 2.

This soup took very little input it just bubbled away most of the afternoon smelling fabulous.

You’ll need:

2 cups of nice split peas

1.5 L of veggie stock (homemade of store bought)

1 yellow onion, 5 gloves of garlic, and 3 carrots.

a handful of toasted seasoned nuts & hemp oil for finishing


S+P, 2 Tbsp Cumin (whole roasted) 1 Bay leaf, and 2 tsp Chaat Masala spice blend

Start by chopping the garlic, onion and carrots. And begin frying them in your soup pot with a good glug of olive oil. S+P and 2 tbsp toasted cumin. Allow the onions to just brown before adding  the split peas! I was given a lovely bag of peas from my friend’s abundant garden in the fall and I have been waiting for just such a craving and just such a day as today.

Stir the dry peas in and let them get glossy and warmed in the oil before adding warm veggie stock. Add  bay leaf and simmer the pot covered for 3-4 hours.

Once the peas are soft remove bay leaf add Chaat Masala, I use a premium blend from Chamela Giri, her spices mixes are hand blended traditionally and are simply divine! Plus her packaging is stunning (I am tooting my own horn as she is a client of mine).

Puree the works with whatever soup-pureeing tool you have on hand, I like to zip up about 75% of the soup mix and I always leave a few bits and bobs in to give it some visual appeal and texture. Serve with a sprinkle of toasted seeds and a drizzle of cold pressed organic hemp oil.

So satisfying.

2 Comments to “simple split pea chaat masala soup”

  1. OMG, I am just reminded how much I also adore split pea soup, your variation sounds so very yummy, I must, must try it out.

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