stinging nettles + seedy chickie cereal balls

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We had the most wonderful culinary cultural adventure this easter weekend! The weather was divine and we toured from home to farm to home to farm, visiting friends and making new ones! We enjoyed a lovely spelt pancake breakfast complete with a decadence banana butter maple spread, also a Frasier river salmon roasted over an open fire, and the high light for me, was when a friend showed up with a HUGE basket of stinging nettles which she had picked from our lovely rail trail pathway. She sautéed them over the fire with butter and garlic and ginger and sea salt. They were fabulously fresh and injected a super dose of greens into us all. She sent me home with a bundle and last night I made a stinging nettle frittata, with fire roasted red peppers and farm fresh goat milk! I served it along with a massive smoked happy ham we bought from our local butcher. I have never roasted a ham before but I remembered my grandmother making ham often and our family always fought over the cracklin. The ham was juicy and divine and I served it with an apple cider ginger pear glaze. What a feast-full weekend.

My daughter and I made some little easter treats which we bundled up and delivered like little eater bunnies all over the valley. We made oat and coconut rice syrup birds nest and some rice crispy inspired seedy birdie balls with little pumpkin seed beaks.

Here is the recipe for our chickie balls, complete with a small amount of marshmallows…yes store bought white-y GMO marshmallows (‘hey it was easter and my daughter adores the stuff) I have however made some truly amazing homemade marshmallows in past, and I would certainly recommend trying to make your own some time.

seedy chickie cereal balls

In a large  bowl mix

3 cups of cereal (I used an assortment of all wheat free organic flakes and puffs and O’s)

1 cup of mixed seeds (flax, chia, & hemp)

1 cup oats

1 cup of coconut

pinch of sea salt

In a double boiler melt and blend

1/3 cup organic canola oil

2/3 cup almond butter

2 cups marshmallows

1 tbsp vanilla

If you have good bakers hand and can tolerate heat well, grease up your hand with oil and combine the melted almond butter lava into the cereal mix. If you are using a spoon or spatula you may want to oil it up too! Mix until combined, and work quick! You can press the mix into a prepared pan or roll into balls. Enjoy.


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