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May 4, 2011

a royal yorkshire pudding pizza

As a child growing in with a culinary combination of British basics and homespun 1 pot creations, I have to say this dish is my perfect leftover experience!

I had a 8×8 pan of leftover Yorkshire pudding… do you find this a shocking as I do? Really in my house and my mom’s house and my grandmothers house… we fork fight for every last piece of pudding, every time we gather for Sunday dinners. I was wise this time and doubled my moms recipe and baked off 2 pans full… Also the yorkies were late to the dinner table so our family and guests loaded up on the rest of the good old Sunday dinner spread.

All said and done I slipped the untouched sheet of crispy yorkie pud into the fridge only to be garbed today in caramelized onions, lemon wilted spinach and our friends  home made goat feta. Mmm, I don’t think I need to explain that the forks came out with vengeance again over the last piece!

My mom’s yorkie recipe can be used for lovely thin crepes on which we slather lemon curd or just lemon juice and sugar. To make crepes with this, omit the last addition of water and brown on a well oiled pan, both sides

Mom’s pudding recipe

In a large bowl wisk together

2 eggs

2 cups milk

2 cups white flour ( I use spelt)

pinch salt

cover with a clean tea towel and let sit at room temp for much of the day… not sure if this is essential or not, but my mom always did this and so do I.

Right before cooking and 1/2 cup water.

Pour batter into oiled:

cupcake containers for pop over type of puds bake 18-20 minutes at 375º

or into a large baking pan for a cake style pudding bake 45 minutes at 375º

or you can use my moms method and if you are serving pudding with a roast beast cook your roast in the centre of a  large deep pan, once your happy cow is 40 minutes from complete, pour the batter around the roast, your pan should be greasy and your pudding will have lovely drippings and crunchy bits.

Now in the rare event you have leftover yorkies: try this out: dress the pudding with a drizzle of good olive oil, S+P, 1/2 caramelized onion, 2 handfuls of spinach wilted quickly in a hot pan with lemon juice, top with goat feta and finish with some chili flakes. Warm the pud in a 300º oven for 20 minutes, then broil for about 5 minutes. Get your forks ready and may the fastest fork tidy up the last of the dish!