boston bruin bustin burgers with supreme stanley cup palyoff fixins’

Hockey night in chilliwak and I am staying with my wonderful sister in law this week just outside of vancouver and we are enjoying the local organic abundance of the fraiser valley… but also enjoying the canuk’s run for the cup, and their big win tonight!  Friday night hockey night meant we needed to feed the crew a serious stanley cup worthy meaty man meal. The burgers I threw together were among the best I have ever had and I think I heard that repeated by a number of full mouths…

In a large bowl mix by hand all of the following:

2 lbs local organic ground beef

1 small onion grated fine

5 toes of garlic minced finely

2 eggs

3 slices of toasted bread (I used sprouted wheat bread) ground fine in a processor


a small handful each of fresh chopped oregano & parsley

2 tsp tequila sunrise chili blend

a generous squeeze of each: ketchup and grainy mustard

a splash of soy sauce

mix and form the above into 8 massive burger patties. Grill each side for about 5 minutes on the BBQ or until desired doneness

we made these burgers and served them with a buffet of fixings including;

maple caramelized onions (fried with butter, parsley, garlic, S+P and finished with maple syrup)

pan fried mushrooms (cooked in butter, with a splash of soy sauce and kiss of fresh ginger)

local organic arugula (nice and peppery)

jalepono havarti

oven baked local thick cut organic bacon,

sliced tomatoes, homemade pickles, and some other local CSA lettuce mix

So once all these topping were piled onto a massive toasted bun, it was really difficult to get my mouth around the bun, but certainly enjoyed the challenge of eating it… to the point of excess.


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