my sunny solstice feast

This simple celebration meal was enjoyed outside overlooking our stunning green mountain valley in honor of the first day of summer; and it was the perfect way to satisfy a just worked up appetite after a forest forage for artsy sticks. mmm a harmony of all the seasons on one plate … winter root potatoes, and fall onions, the first of the early sweet and juicy corn from far south of here, topped with a bedding of crisp spring microgreen shoots, and razor thin shavings of summers first heirloom easter egg radishes. All dusted with a handful of fresh herbs. Humble enough ingredients, but each one perfectly accented with spice and sweet.

Start by thinly slicing russet potatoes about 4 of them, and in a deep cast iron pan brown them slowly over medium heat using both butter and olive oil. Season them heavily with S+P, garlic granules, and cayanne pepper. Let both sides brown and add some white wine to deglaze the pan a bit, quickly cover and remove from heat to steam through for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile in a separate pan brown 1/4” rings from one large white onion, along with 5 toes of crushed garlic, let these slowly and lightly brown, before adding a good glug of maple syrup and sea salt, remove from pan and turn up the heat. For this celebration I pulled out the good stuff and added to the searing hot cast iron pan a tbsp of bacon drippings (saving for just such corn occasions).

Rapidly flash blacken the kernals from 1 big cob of organic corn, and as they are popping and charring in the pan add a dash of pepper and a hit of chili peppers. Layer the potatoes, with the maple fried onion and garlic, then the bacon seared corn and finish the lot with a heavy two handfuls of microgreens (of course I am still eating buckwheat shoots as they are over abundant still), a generous amount of fresh chives, flat leaf parsley, dill, chive flowers and finally radish slivers add the perfect crunch and finish.

bon appetit


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