nori story

I continue to be diligent in my nori / dulce / miso / kelp mission to support thyroid function in my family and whenever I can wrap something up in nori I do!

This meal was a great combination of flavor and texture and colour especially… unexpectently when I threw in some purple orak slivers into my seasame noodles they all turned bright charming pink! how delightful, especially wrapped up in deep sea emeral nori sheets.

Here is a quick and easy 15 minute meal, and essentially you can eat the noodles 3 ways: straight up as a hot noodle bowl, cold as a salad, or rolled up in nori.. we did all three over 2 days and the simple dipping sauce I made, ensured the nori rolls were the hands down hit of the three.

I made a batch of my go to sesame rice noodles recipe here and added a huge handfull of purple orak finely riboned for the last 3 minutes of the satay. I then removed them from the heat and add a few handfuls of buckwheat shoots and cucumber sticks to the noodles and wrapped them up in nori. I mixed equal parts sweet chili sauce (cock brand from an asian market) and braggs for a garlicly sweet salty dip. When I served these purple noodles as a salad I finshed them with ribbons of nori and an extra sprinkle of sesame seeds and chives.

I hope you try these favourites of mine out one day soon.. they are super good for you and ridiculously yummy!


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