chilli dilly carrots

The perfect winter pick me up for a crisp taste from the garden has got to be pickled carrots! These have always been my favourite preserved treat, and we are almost out of last years batch, so I restocked the cubbards yesterday.

I used honey and apple cider vinegar in this batch along with chilli flakes and dill (3 ways), to pickle a rainbow or carrot colours! I used mostly orange  carrots but some lovely yellow and purple ones as well. This recipe makes a pretty big batch and yields 14 x 500g jars

I didn’t weigh the carrots I used , but essentially I used 6 small bundles so maybe 40 medium carrots total.

Sterilize jars, lids and rings in boiling water, then you can keep the jars hot and clean in your oven set to 225 while you prep everything else. It’s really important to have a open clean work area for canning, and it’s great to have everything you need ready to go.

In a large pot boil brine:

6 cups white vinegar

4 cups water

3 cups apple cider vinegar

4 cups honey

3 heaping tbsp course sea salt

2 tbsp dill seeds

Slice carrots into sticks that work with the size of mason jars you have, allowing for the tops to sit 1/2″ below the last jar thread.

Peel and half 28 cloves of garlic (2 cloves per jar)

In each clean hot jar place

2 garlic pieces

2 tsp chilli flake (good quality organic)

1 tsp dill seeds

1 small dill flower

a few small pieces of dill weed

add and arrange carrot sticks into jars so they are snug and neat

top each jar with 2 more garlic pieces

then pour hot brine into each jar to bring the fluid up so that everything sits 1/4″ below the last jar thread.

wipe the edge of the jars clean with a hot cloth and seal with lid and process (in hot water bath or steam canner) for 15 minutes

Ta Da! Now you have pickled carrots which will be divine come winter time

*** if you use purple carrots, be prepared for the brine to be HOT PINK ***


2 Responses to “chilli dilly carrots”

  1. These carrots sound (and look!) fantastic – picked up a giant bag of carrots at a Farmers’ Market a week ago that I’ll probably pickle most of, some will end up like yours I think! Or close to, I’ve no fresh dill/dill weed. 🙂


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