honey mustard hemp dressing

perfect atop a divine locavore chef salad..

Seeing as I still have a mountain of smoked ham left overs, and abundant eggs from my lovely little hens along with a garden ripe with greens (and yellows and reds and purples) I decided to make the chef-iest of chef salads. Complete with red artisan lettuce, shisho leafs, escarole, lemon cucumber, sun warmed tomato, + fresh chives all from the land. The smoked ham slices are naturally raised and smoked just up the road, the croutons toasted with local organic bread, and pickles from my friends pantry. In addition to all of those lovely local goodies I toppped this salad with chia seeds and this perfect dressing:

In a re-sealable glass jar mix equal parts

liquid honey

grainy mustard

balsalmic vinegar +

apple cider vinegar

mix with 2 parts hemp oil


and finely diced fresh herbs: chives, oregano, and thyme.

shake shake shake, and drizzle!


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