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October 14, 2011

taco verde preserve

As I mentioned earlier; in a sweeping mad rush (for fear of blight which is setting in hard all around me) I harvested all of my many tomatoes GREEN the other day, and  now I find myself with boxes upon boxes of unripe heirloom tomatoes just sitting around taking up space, I don’t really have to offer. Slowly many of them are ripening as they do I am using or freezing them, but I decided to put to use a good lot of the smaller less mature green tomatoes over the weekend  so  I tried  farmgirl fare’s green tomato recipe and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results! My family love taco’s … Mexican anything in fact, so a jar of this mixed into a simmering pot of black beans or ground meat = instant taco goodness in this house. I am not usually one for relish recipes (although over the past weeks I have tried a couple fabulous ones), but it seems this isn’t so much a relish as it is a salsa, a hot a bright colourful salsa, complete with cilantro, hot peppers, and apples!

I followed this sugar free recipe pretty closely (which is a little out of character for me), although I added more garlic, and used extra hot peppers including chipotle peppers, and crushed chilis along with her “optional” cumin addition. I used apple cider vinegar and fresh lime juice blended 3:1 ratio to make up the entire vinegar amount.

Really this is a great recipe, and after I read about 30 reviews of it, I decided it was a must for my pantry. So glad am I with the results that I may even process another batch. I doubled the first batch, and feel like I should put another 9 jars up while I have the green tomatoes sitting around!