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October 21, 2011

sweet chipotle corn chowder

What do you do when your friend gives you 30 ears of corn?

Well I tucked into it right away! Beginning with a big ‘ol batch of this smoky sweet corn chowder.. followed by chilli corn bread muffins.. and the rest will end up in a run of frozen kernals. ‘Oh and then the chooks will be ¬†happy to peck clean each and every cob I use!

This divine soup has both farm fresh milk and coconut milk which makes for a lovely balance of richness and sweetness. The coconut milk also helps to soothe the intense smoky heat in this chowder. My batch was crazy hot… I scaled back the chipotle and cayenne for this post… but if your a spice fiend then by all means give ‘er!

If your vegan.. I think you could still pull this soup off amazingly; using half almond milk and half coconut milk.. and obviously you’ll want to omit the gateway meat… but if you do eat meat and have naturally raised lovely local smoked bacon on hand.. why would you make this soup without it?

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