cleaner greener caesar

There is of course a general consensus that caesar salad is not good for you, and certainly a plate of roman slathered in shelf stable Kraft dressing, white bread croutons, processed parm, “facon” crumble and some nasty mechanically separated sear marked chicken bits does not constitute a salad, or food for that matter.

Well this cleaner greener caeser salad makes up for all those food sins.

I started with a fresh organic head of locally grown roman lettuce, topped  with lovely garden fresh slivers of celery and shredded carrot.

Then I add squares of organic local firm tofu quickly seared with S+P, chilies and a drizzle of maple syrup to finish them of to a perfect sweet and hot char.

Quickly  I toasted up a slice of  bread (I used a organic sprouted wheat) and cut it into croutons, then covered the mound with grated sharp organic cheese, and finish the salad with a mountain of fresh parsley chopped fine.

As for the dressing… I used my new favourite glory bowl dressing to which I added 1 tsp of anchovy paste to 1/2 cup dressing, this made for the perfect caeser sauce!

Mmm a wonderful lunch for the first snowfall of the year!


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