lazy day rosa


I recently spent an afternoon driving an hour and a half away to do some ethic shopping at the local-ist Italian market,  I came home with a pantry load up of all things Italian… olive oil, olives, pasta, cheese, salami … you can understand why after all that I just had to make a pasta dish… and I had to celebrate the very last of my garden fresh broccoli!

I also have a million things to finish up today as the snow line creeps downwards and ever closer to our spot on the mountain, this change of seasons means not only a change of pace and food but of comfort and challenges on our rural homestead,  the garden is almost all in, although I have Brussels sprouts, carrots and beets still thriving along with a tiny amount of kale… what a sad time. Good thing my pantry is loaded with the tastes of spring, summer and fall to get us through the winter. And with everything on my plate these days, my goal tonight was a quick dinner that tasted like it had simmered away all day:

This rosa sauce is thickened with boursin cheese and ricotta, and is flavoured with caraway and hot Italian local pork sausage, in a spicy tomato base served with baby lasagne style noodles. Meaty and full of fuel for a long night of building before the snow comes and decides to stay.

Start by browning:

1/2 lb of italian pork sausage meat in a good glug of olive oil

add 2 minced garlic cloves

1/2 of a small leek finely sliced

1 tbsp whole caraway seeds


and a good pinch of hot chilli flakes.

bubble and brown once sausage meat is nice and golden de-glaze the pan with a splash of red wine.

then add 1.5 cups of itailan style crushed tomatoes

a handful of fresh parsley and another glugg of olive oil

allow sauce to simmer while you start to boil and cook pasta (something with lots of ridges and ripples to hold a chunky sauce) at the same time you add the pasta to the boiling water add to the sauce:

2 tbsp boursin cheese (or cream cheese)

2 tbsp ricotta

and 1.5 cups of finely chopped brocolli

and a splash of cream, simmer on low for another 5 minutes.

Once pasta is cooked strain and reserve about 1/2 cup of water to add into sauce along with noodles. toss with a final glug of olive oil and serve with fresh grated parm.

The caraway is my favourite thing in this dish… i just adore pork and caraway together especially with leek (a pretty classic English combination) turned itailan. there are certainly days for quick and hearty meals and today was one of them.


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