root cellar slaw

I am not the biggest fan of coleslaw… mainly because I HATE mayo and all whitey type dressings, so I have spent most of my life avoiding coleslaw and other picnic salads… but as my eating life flows with the seasons (and my pantry) now more than ever before I am trying to make the best of my root cellar veggies, and am working on creating salads from the pantry while taking a pass on the plastic packed spring mix salads.

This slaw is a lovely bright crunchy and fresh dish that doesn’t leave you longing for baby butter leaf. Not sure how it compares to traditional coleslaw, because I have never really eaten it before, but this is nice. I served it over brown rice with fried tofu and it was the perfect addition to a rice bowl.

Combine in a large bowl:

1/4 green cabbage sliced razor thin

1/2 red cabbage sliced razor thin

1 apple grated, pour 1/2 cup of lemon juice over apple right away

1 large carrot grated

a handful of fresh parsley

another  good squeeze of lemon juice and or apple cider vinegar


Dress with 1 cup + glory bowl dressing

Garnish with toasted and seasoned sunflower seeds

You can let this salad soak up dressing in the fridge for a while before serving (even overnight), Enjoy.


4 Comments to “root cellar slaw”

  1. Hello!

    May I ask what S+P is in your recipe?

    Thank You,

  2. This sounds so much better then any “traditional” slaw recipe, more like the ones that come from Germany, where mayo is never an ingredient either, yum!

    • your right… my German friends make the only potato salad I have ever eaten (that I didn’t make myself) as it’s not mayo based, it’s fab!
      My sweety commented that this slaw needed some celery seed (not that he is a culinary master) but he was missing that flavour!

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