channa masala guyanna style

My otha’ momma back in high school, was from Guyanna, she is a wonderful cook and about the best ‘best friends momma’ you could ask for. She made some killer pepper sauce, curry chicken, salt fish, and my favourite of her specialities roti. She tried guiding us girls through the roti making process one day but I think the beers got away with us, and none of the lesson really stuck, one recipe however has stuck with me all these years and that’s Pam’s chickpea green onion channa.

The other night I was having a mad craving for some spice, heat and ethic flavours so I made a little vegetarian west Indian feast, complete with spelt roti and while it wasn’t the best I have ever made it still perfectly bundled up the yummy purple yams and carrots I slowly roasted slathered in Chamelea Giri’s Garama Masala spice blend (check out her etsy shop), and Pam’s channa masala.

I don’t have the luxury of having a jar of Pam’s scotch bonnet pepper sauce in my pantry, so I used the next best thing; a locally made killer crazy hot Caribbean pepper sauce, and the results were simply perfect. We just needed rum and cola and some soul grooves to bring it all together.

channa masala

Start by soaking a couple cups of organic dried chick peas for at least a day. Then drain, rince and boil in unsalted water until the peas are nice and tender. Set aside.

In a large cast iron pan toast and smoke the following spices:

3 tbsp veggie oil

3 tsp of cumin (whole cumin)

1 tbsp curry powder


2 garlic cloves chopped

cook spices until bubbling and brown (about 5 minutes)

Then add 1 small yellow onion diced fine

dice the whites of 4 green onions (reserve greens for finishing)

2 cups of cooked (or canned if you must) chick peas

1 tbsp hot pepper sauce (scotch bonnet based)

1/2 cup of water.

Cook and brown for about 20 minutes on medium heat.

Finally toss in reserved green onion greens and serve, along with some other lovely Indian flavours, maybe this eggplant masala, or this garam roasted pineapple and yam, or even this cauliflower korma.

Enjoy the channa and tip back a drink for my other momma Pam xo


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