happy burger-cake-day to you

Well here it is, the 10th annual birthday cake extravaganza for my daughter. A vanilla chocolate 3 layer hamburger cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting and naturally colored condiments! The last few birthdays cakes have all had a Food theme; sushi petifores, the watermelon cake (my favorite), and the circus caramel popcorn cake!

I have a confession to make…  Yesterday I made boxed cake mixes, albeit organic ones! I was just too busy to bust out 2 more batches of cake from scratch, after a day of baking at the bake shack, then coming home to bake sweets for a baby blessingway, at the end of the dat I just had to call it at the triple layer cake mixing! Today’s icing adventure was time consuming enough!

This cake burger called for 2 x 9” vanilla cakes and 1 extra thick 9” chocolate cake which I left un-iced, and boy does it have a serious meaty look to it! I created a hybrid butter cream – lemon cream cheese frosting, which was entirely organic and I opted to dye the different condiments using natural coloring: the lettuce was matcha, the mustard tumeric, and the ketchup beet root powder and cocoa. The bun was tinted with cocoa powder and the sesame seeds are white chocolate chips.

So today I will be busy eating burgers (both meaty and cakey) and roller skating at the derby rink, with a bunch of 10 year olds girls!


3 Responses to “happy burger-cake-day to you”

  1. That cake looks amazing! Happy Birthday Mia!!!

    • Thanks Renata!

      The cake tasted as good as it looked, and the kids all LOVED it! I especially enjoyed the matcha icing, which worked really well with the chocolate layer!


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