roasted pineapple chilli tofu snowflake salad rolls

I have just  joined this great recipe swap blog group run by the Burwell General Store, and I am thrilled to be part of an inspired group of seasoned bloggers who are up for the monthly vintage cookbook challenge Christina dishes out.

Once I joined the group and as I was eagerly awaiting my first challenge I had this creeping fear of receiving some mayo laden jellied meat recipe, seriously… when low and behold what challenge should arrive in my inbox, but a jell-o snowflake salad. Yes folks, veggies and cheese encased in jell-o served on a bed of greens with a dollop of MAYO! ACK. Luckily the challenge leaves room for interpretation, and I embraced the jell-o (albeit organic, vegan gluten free jello alternative) and can honestly testify that I created delicious vegan snowflake salad rolls, which totally rocked!

Even my family said they would be totally happy to eat the rolls (jello and all) again and again! a snowflake success I would say!

Because these are vegan I omitted the cottage cheese and mayo, hooray… and opted for a great all natural vegan jelly dessert product that also happened to be sugar free. The  jello reminded me of mandarin orange segments in a spinach salad and the flavour was perfect with the gingery, chili, rice vinegar elements of the rolls.

I started by using my new thrift store find of this spanky 60’s star emblazoned jell-o mold to set up a single  400 ml package of orange flavour jel dessert.  That took about 2 hours.

Once your jell-o is all set, it’s time to get grilling,

fire up  your oven (or BBQ) to 400


5 slices of pineapple

1/2 block of firm organic tofu (cut into 1 x 1/2 slices)

cover the works in a simple marinade:

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp rice vinegar

1″ sectin of freshly ground ginger


2 tsp chilli flakes

and a drizzle of sesame oil

Roast or grill until charred nicely, set aside to cool and slice into 1 cm thin strips.

Meanwhile prepare the veggies:

1 carrot cut into fine matchsticks

1/2 head of green lettuce, sliced thin

2 green onions diced fine (horse ears)

1 cup of savoy cabbage finely grated

cube jello into 2 cm bits

black sesame seeds (for garnish)

In a hot water bath soak rice wrappers until soft.

Roll greens, tofu, jello, pineapple and seeds into wrapper and serve with a this spicy chili ginger vinegar;

ginger dipping sauce

2 tbsp light soya sauce

1 tbsp orange juice or pineapple juice reserved from can

1 tbsp rice vinegar

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp chilli oil

1″ grated fresh ginger

a drizzle of aguave (or cane suagr)

and a squeeze of lime juice

garnish with green onion rings and chilli flakes.

Fittingly as I made these it was in fact snowing, so it’s seemed most fitting to photograph a snowflake salad roll outside in front of the snow covered forest!

Who would have though orange jello would make an appearance as a salad in my house, and on this blog!

See what everyone else in the group has created:

6 Comments to “roasted pineapple chilli tofu snowflake salad rolls”

  1. This is my fourth try to comment; I didn’t realize I had to log into a different account in order to leave a comment here. So fingers crossed this will take!

    The salad rolls are really lovely; nice job on your first swap!

  2. Welcome to the swap! And congrats on taking the huge step into including Jello… and VEGAN Jello at that into your recipe! These look refreshing and delicious. A great interpretation of the original recipe!

    • Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I totally agree with you (from your post) I think this challenge was a major ” mess with you” challenge.. I mean jello salad!!! really?? I thought I wouldn’t be able to taste test my recipe and leave it all up to my sweetie.. but as it turned out… these rolls were really tasty!

  3. The flavors in your rolls go together so nicely! Nice work! Welcome to the Swap – I can’t wait to see your future recipes…

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