kombucha cocktail

After a week and a half of eating and drinking in the big city, I was over the moon to enjoy our last evening having a home cooked organic vegetarian meal at my mother in laws, complete with these beautiful kombucha cocktails! She got us on the kombucha train a couple years back, and since we have brewed and bloomed and enjoyed this belly tonic a great amount. Eventually I killed most ever mushroom I ever had, and haven’t brewed a new one for a few months. It was nice to  taste her bubbly sweet tonic and the veggie juice we served it in was just what the doctor ordered.

When we arrived at moms place she had the juicer on the counter and set me to work immediatly cleaning carrots and this is the ratio of veggies and fruit we juiced:

8 carrots

2 celery stocks

1 apple

2″ piece of ginger root

2 small beets

Juice and blend together and serve each portion with a 2 oz serving of kombucha for the perfect big city detox serum.


I am happy to be back in paradise and thrilled to find parts of my garden unearthed from it’s heavy blanket of snow! And now that I am back in the kitchen I will get back to my regular postings. I am also happy to report that we are hosting permaculture interns (not unlike WWOOFers) from now through the harvest here on our smallholding, this means I have 20 meals a week to plan and serve to hungry workers… so I imagine you’ll find here many diverse grain salads, and hearty seasonal one pot soups / stews to carry me through the increased work load of the seasons ahead!


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