hot and sour stir fry

Other wise known as COMPROMISE! If your married you will understand this one…

Remember a few months back when I posted a delicious vegan hot and sour soup recipe? Well my sweetie has quite literally been requesting I make it just about every other day. This is no joke. Frankly, as much as I really do love the soup I can’t eat anything week after week, let alone back to back UGH! I am at the point where I actually resent the soup and having ever made it all together. He has even taken to making it himself (following my blog recipe, which I will say is very ambitious and totally out of character for him, but, I will say that speaks to the level of desire he feels for this soup), although he hasn’t cranked out a perfect batch yet  he has begun now to soak the mushrooms in hopes that I will sweep in a whip him up a pot. This past week as he was harping on me to make it again, but Uh-Oh  I found we had no canned Chinese vegetables to go in it (these are things I am really not wanting to consume to much of anyway, so in all honesty I am slow to restock).

Well today after he and our intern put in a hard day shovelling sand and doing concrete work for our new outbuilding I though I would use the soaking mushrooms and make a little hot and sour compromise. Here it is soup incarnate, local tofu and carrots fried with all the elements of hot and sour soup with along with left over rice and some fried eggs from the back yard. A perfect balance of not so boring the cook wants to die and hitting the craving on the head, if I do say so myself.

In a hot deep cast iron pan warm:

A blend of sesame oil and chili oil enough to coat the bottom of the pan well, then start to fry:

1/2 package of firm organic tofu sliced into thin-ish ribbons

1 large carrot sliced similar in size to the tofu

6 dried , soaked and slices shitaki mushrooms

season with:

1 tsp cayanne

1 tsp chilli flakes

2 tsp chinese 5 spice blend

freshly ground pepper

Allow tofu to get golden brown before adding:

4 cups of cooked brown rice

stir fry 5 minutes then add:

a good glug of rice vinegar  + malt vinegar ( a few Tbsp each)

and equal amounts of light soy sauce

crack 2 eggs into the mix and stir quickly so the rice is evenly coated with egg.

remove from heat, cover and let sit for 2 minutes before stirring and serving.

obviously omit the eggs for an equally as delicious vegan version.

Here is to love and compromise, enjoy.

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