roasted prosciutto wrapped asparagus

So simple, so delicious, this roasted spring time dinner couldn’t be easier. I loaded up with local asparagus the other day was had my heart set on wrapped little bacon bundles, when I realized what I had in the fridge was even better… thin sliced italian prosciutto salami!

I roasted up a pan full of new potatoes, onion bits and garlic cloves indulgently coated in nice organic canola oil and seasoned with sea salt, pepper and fresh chopped parsley. Cooked in a hot oven until the potatoes were nice and crispy on a few sided, then I tossed my lovely little pork wrapped greens on top and continued to roast the works for another 8 minutes or so. Served with a crisp garden salad this dinner is the perfect fresh spring time prelude to the summer season.

As for the prosciutto bundles:

Wash and trim 1 large bundle of asparagus.  Collect 2-3 stocks and wrap them tightly with prosciutto or prosciutto salami. Once all of your bundles are tied up brush them with a little olive oil seasoned with: 2 minced garlic cloves, sea salt, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Roast and enjoy

How simple is this?

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