almond butter oat bars

Gluten free and vegan, these 2 step chocolate almond granola bars are are great energy boosters. Nutty and not too sweet, full of omega boosting seeds and some oats to keep you going.

Pretty fast to assemble, it’ just waiting for the almond butter chocolate topping to set up that might make you impatient!

In a stand mixer start by blending together:

2/3 cup coconut oil

2/3 cup cane sugar

1/4 cup brown rice syrup

1/4 cup agave nectar

1 tbsp vanilla

2/3 cup almond butter

1/3 cup each: flax seeds + hemp seeds

Blend with 4 cups of oats (or a cereal blend of rolled grains)

Press mixture into a 9×9 parchment lined pan, bake at 350 for 20 minutes (or until golden brown). Cool.

In a double boiler melt together:

3/4 cup chocolate chips

2/3 cup almond butter

Spread mixture over cooled bar, and allow to set for a few hours before cutting and serving.


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