mexi brunch stack

There is a great indulgent presentation that comes from a platter of food, offering intrigue with each layer of fresh from the ground foods. I find myself leaning on this family style dinning presentation often, as it saves dishes and looks beautifully inticing. On this occasion I found myself trying to decide if I should serve a bang up breakfast for lunch or make use of some leftover black beans from tacos and make a mexican style beans and rice, My interns suggested I do both, and that is what you see here a brunch stack infused with Mexican flavors in each layer. Brunch, where the best of both lunch and breakfast come together to break bread.

I started this stack (for lack of a better term) with:

A layer of pan fried hash brown, chunky homestyle fresh baby potatoes from the garden cooked until golden brown in veggie oil and heavily seasoned with paprika, cayenne, onion and garlic.

Then I added a layer of pan seared cumin infused cabbage along with spicy mustard greens fresh from the garden, hit with a splash of lime juice and salt.

The next layer was (left over) black beans that I had seasoned with red peppers, onions, garlic, chili and cilantro.

And finally fluffy fresh from the coop scrambled eggs garnished with  greenhouse fresh ribbons of cilantro and basil and a drizzle of my favorite Mexican hot sauce.

Served with salsa and apparently sour cream, as the guys insisted a dollop would perfect this dish.

This is like a grown up – fresh from the garden – version of a Denny’s mexican scramble!

Here are a few other stacked extravaganzas, recipes from a little while back to inspire more creative culinary layering:



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