fataya fabulous fataya

A few years back I had the great pleasure of trying a fabulous Lebanese dish called fataya, my girlfriend brought some out to the farm here to share, and I feel in love with the fluffy bread bundles stuffed with spicy beef and mint. Reminded me of classic British Sunday roast slathered in mint sauce. These fatayas have inspired a few dishes, namely these minty meat balls, so I thought it was about time I tried to make some fataya for my self… not sure if it was the bountiful mint bog that inspired me, or the fact that our vegetarian interns are now gone, and we have had a 2 day meat party! Whatever the case I am thrilled at the results and I made a stellar veggie fataya too, complete with garden fresh peas, fresh mint, and my girlfriends goat feta. I tricked the guys and bundled all of the fatays in the same triangle shape, so they could’t skip out on their veggies in during their great meat gluttony (which is now behind us for the record)!

I searched for a nice sounding dough recipe and finally found this one, which I used, and it was a delight to work with, silky and soft, forgiving, and fluffy.  I started the dough and let it sit and rise for a couple hours while I assembled the two different fillings.

Mint pea feta filling:

In a frying pan start by browning 1 small onion in a good glug of olive oil

add and fry 2 minced garlic cloves

when brown add 3 cups of fresh peas

season with S+P

add 1/2 cup of water and a splash of fresh lemon juice,

allow to simmer on medium for about 3 minutes.

add a handful of fresh chopped mint and mix, remove from heat.

In a bowl mix together

1 cup chopped (or crumbled feta)

along with the pea and onion mix

Set aside until your ready to stuff the dough

Meat and mint filling:

In a frying pan start by browning 1 small onion in a good glug of olive oil

add and fry 2 minced garlic cloves, and 6 finely chopped garlic scapes

cook for 2 minutes before adding in 1 lb of grass fed local / organic ground beef

season with:


2 tsp chili flakes

Allow to cook down before adding:

1 HUGE handful of fresh chopped mint

1 handful of fresh chopped parsley

Once cooked through set aside until your ready to stuff the dough.

Follow the dough instruction from the link above, which yielded me about 24 fataya. I used a 4.5″ circle lid to cut out the dough into rounds, then stuffed each with about 2 tbsp of either meat or veggie filling. I then pinched half of one side together, and then pulled the center of the open flap up to the triangle tip and sealed up the two new sides, to form these lovely little triangles.

Each one got a good beat egg brushing, and were baked for about 13 minutes at 350. I whipped up a spicy tomato chili dipping sauce that was perfect, and the dish was a huge hit. I will certainly make these again and again. I had a little of both of the fillings left over which I mixed together and plan to stuff into baked potatoes tomorrow night!

4 Comments to “fataya fabulous fataya”

  1. nice! these fatayers look so pro!

  2. Something I forgot to mention, the meat normally doesn’t get cooked before going into the bread. 🙂 When it cooks in the oven the juice coming from the meat creates a gorgeous browned crispy crackly bottom and steams the inside of the bread, also cuts out a step from the process. But they do look great!

    • Ahh, interesting! I will try that next time for sure! Thanks for getting me on the fataya train! I found these were perfectly cooked, and had a nice crispy crust and a soft pillowy inside. I would love for you to post your dough recipe!

      The nice thing about the left overs is I mixed the two fillings together and used them in twice baked stuffed potatoes with thick farm fresh cream. They were soooo amazing!

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