sunny hot pepper sauce

Wow I did a major canning marathon yesterday! I put up pint after pint of tomato sauce, hot pepper salsa, and yellow hot pepper sauce, along with some organic Okanagan peach slicing and freezing it was a big day for the pantry surplus! I yielded 25 jars in total and finally got to play with my pressure canner a little more. I will share the salsa recipe soon, but the star of the day for me was this stunning bright yellow hot pepper sauce, made with spicy fresh yellow hungarian peppers and giant yellow tomatoes, this is no west indian hot sauce but it will keep my fiery needs met for the winter for sure.

I hot water bathed this batch, but after much reading I found that hot pepper sauce keeps very well in the fridge and in most cases you can make small batches and keep them cool, and not process them at all. This recipe makes a pretty large batch which yielded 10 pint jars (a little more than I want to store in the fridge at any one time).

You’ll need:

3 lbs of fresh hot peppers (local organic and no spray is best! but second to growing them yourself)

1/2 c garlic

4 c onion

12 cups yellow tomatoes

3 cups apple cider vinegar

2 1/2 cup water

Remove stems and seeds from peppers and coarsely chop along with all the other veggies. Combine all ingredients in a large heavy bottom stock pot and boil for 1 hour, stirring often. Then using a submersion blender thin mix to desired consistency (you can of course use a blender or food processors instead). Continue to boil the sauce for another hour.

Portion sauce into sterilized canning jars. As with all canning ensure everything is super clean and hot. Attach lids and hot water bath process for 15 minutes.

These jars look so sunny and hot, and remind me of Caribbean style hot sauce, without the extreme scotch bonnet kick… not that these hungarian peppers aren’t hot, in fact as I was making this sauce I was chopping peppers (in laytex gloves I might add as a solid recommendation) I took a bite to test out the heat, and my face almost melted off (and I have a HUGE threshold for heat… I love it hot), my lips and nose were literally burning and I was getting really fearful that I was busting my but making a sauce that no one would be able to endure, but when the burning subsided I tried a few more peppers and found none of them to be that extreme, so my confidence was renewed in the gift and share-ability of these jars! After processing all the jars I was left with 1 cup of sauce that is living happily in the fridge, and it is a lovely fresh hot sauce with a good kick, but not too hot at all. I am excited to see how the flavors develope over the next few weeks.

So remember to wear gloves when processing that many hot peppers, even with the gloves my fingers stung and burned for hours after my pepper-palooza yesterday. I am trying a small batch of lactose fermented hot pepper sauce today, and will share those results soon too!


3 Responses to “sunny hot pepper sauce”

  1. Looks gorgeous and yummy! Maybe an excellent topper for some fish tacos?


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