fresh fabulous fruit salsa

I had a lonely mango sitting on the counter here for days I  had to use it up, so I tossed it up with some nectarines, avocado, chilies, garden fresh cherry tomatoes and other such salsa ingredients, and it made for a super fresh sweet and spicy salsa, that came together in minutes. Nothing like the nectarine salsa I canned the same day I made this (the recipe I will share tomorrow), but fresh and bright an delicious all the same. The avocado adds a nice creamy element to this salsa, and the sweetness and the heat are lovely.

simple cube all of the below into tiny cubes and gently toss:

1 mango

1 nectarine

1 avocado

1 small onion

2 cloves of garlic finely minced

8 small tomatoes

1 jalapeño

1 small red pepper

add a dash of lemon or lime juice

sprinkle of sea salt and a pinch of cumin

cilantro too if you have it on hand.

And thats it! Serve fresh or refrigerate in an air tight container for an hour or so, and serve this with just about anything.


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