storing the harvest in jars: 2012

So here it is all of my 2012 harvest canning thus far… most of which is all savory stuff aside from some elderberry cough syrup and apple butter and sauce, the jams are still to come but the fruit is all prepped and cozied into the freezer waiting for some cool fall days. WOW.

I just had to haul it all outside to really appreciate the beauty of all of this food in jars, and to take a second to take in my efforts neatly stored in glass; right from seed sowing way back in February through to this day of hauling 10 cases of jars outside for a single picture, it all makes for a HUGE amount of captured energies and satisfaction. Our cedar slab picnic table (that seats 20) is the only thing I could imagine fitting these 120 some jars.

All of this canning was done in the last 2 months (except the garlic pickled scapes those 4 jars were done mid summer).

So when I say I have been busy canning, I mean I have really been busy canning! Just wanted to take a moment this stunning equinox day to share my putting up for the cold seasons to come.

16 Responses to “storing the harvest in jars: 2012”

  1. WOW!! you are amazing, Shauna! and an Inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous shot! Your a Wonder Woman of canning! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on project + progress and commented:

    Getting Ready for Pickle Palooza!

  4. How is this even possible, are you a machine?

    • ha ha, nope just drowning in food and needing to deal with it! I am blessed with a great work from home job, which means I can work with the sun and the seasons, and hold the presses on everything when in 15 minutes I harvest 40 lbs of cucumber… better get a hot water bath going and start cleaning jars!

      I also have had a lot of wonderful visitors eager to help and learn this season!

      • A garden ‘Terminator’! (saying it like Arnold). What I forgot to say to is how amazing that view is. I think it’d go nicely with a glass of merlot and a bowl of pickles.

  5. I love this photo so much–it brought me here from Food in Jars, and I’m so glad I found your blog! Isn’t it satisfying to know how well we’re going to eat all winter? 🙂

    • Satisfying indeed! I can’t wait to break into some of these jars in the coldest of winter nights to enjoy the taste of sunshine and warmer days.
      This is a really exciting time a year for us as our garden grows and food storage needs increase along with the extra produce.
      Glad you found me, and introduced yourself!

  6. Great shot! I have not lined up my jars like this but I think I am getting close this year. Like you, I have a home office (I like how you say it allows you to “work with the sun and the seasons”). Jars make great gifts to those who appreciate them, I hardly buy any other host/ess gifts any more.

    • Thanks so much! I can’t imagine not having a cubby full of gifts on the go! There is a jar for everyone and every occasion! As for me a jar of something made with love is even better (I dare say) that a bottle of wine!


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