pickle palooza

I have been swamped these days not only with canning, but with putting on a celebration of putting up!

After a few years of wishing I would find time to organize a canning swap, I decided to just jump in and organize the Kootenay’s 1st Annual PICKLE PALOOZA: A Canning + Jamming+ Preserving + Prepping Festival of Local Harvest!

The Valley Permaculture Guild (another recent undertaking) is hosting Pickle Palooza THIS  Saturday October 20 @ Vallican Whole Community Center in the charming Slocan Valley from 10-2. More details here.

We have invited some fabulous local experts on various preserving techniques (curing / canning / fermenting to name a few) Along with groups working on growing good organic food, sharing good organic food and everything in between. The day will also boast a canning contest and a jar swap (finally my dream swap come true), there will be live demos, a tasting ballot, and canning crafts!

So my SOLE followers…. after this weekend… nose to the ground I will be back at it blogging up a storm, until then if you are inspired to can and jam here are some of my favorite canning recipes posted over the years:

HP saucechilly dilly carrotshibiscus jellymembrillo quince paste, sunny hot pepper sauce, dandelion jelly, ginger pickled beets, DIY pickles, pickled eggs, taco verde preserve (green tomato perfection), drunken apricot jam

Want more? check out the GROWING AND PRESERVING TAB


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