chocolate almond pretzel bark

Oh ya!

Bark is so stupid easy to make, and it tastes WAY WAY WAY better than some crappy candy bar filled with GMO corn syrup. This is the real deal: whole organic almonds, sea salt, organic pretzels, and Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate, all perfectly blanketed into bite size bits for the ideal after dinner sweet.

The only mystery about chocolate bark making, comes from tempering process, which is the way to heat and cool and seed chocolate so that your finished  product is set and shiny and without any white milky parts or spots. So here is my simple solution to perfect chocolate bark:

On a parchment lined pan combine:

2 cups of crushed organic pretzel bits with 1 cup of whole almonds and spread them over the pan evenly and sprinkle with 2 heavy pinches of course sea salt. Set aside.

In a double boiler melt:

2 tbsp coconut oil

Then add 4 cups of dark chocolate bits (uniform sized pieces are best)

Stir often and ensure the double boiler isn’t allowing steam to add moister to your chocolate bowl.

You need to gently heat the chocolate to melting point so as not to scotch it, it should reach a MAX temp of 110 F,

Once 90 % of the chocolate is melted remove from heat and continue stirring. This is the cooling and agitating step, that is so essential!

Add 1.25 cups of additional chocolate and stir it until it melts in. Once your mixture is shiny and consistent you have successfully “seeded” your chocolate. If you need it to be more fluid for working with you can warm it gently again.

Now your ready to pour your chocolate over the crunchy bits. Ensure you cover most of the pan with chocolate, then with a silicone spatula push and fold the bits so that your edges are evenly coated and the whole pan appears to be the same depth. Some pieces of nut and pretzel poking through will look nice so don’t fret about every bit.

Allow to set at ROOM TEMPERATURE for about 1 hour, you do not need to refrigerate and in fact you can add to much humidity to your chocolate by cooling it in a fridge.

Once set (and it should be shiny and lovely and snap when broken, not crumble) cut into triangle pieces using a sharp blade. Pack into an air tight jar, or use this easy peasy pleaser as gifts and wrap them up with a bow!


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