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December 18, 2012

when life gives you quiche… make fudge!

trio of quiche

I had a lovely afternoon of knitting with my backroad fibre-y friends on Sunday, but found myself stumped with what to bring to snack on. It was early and I was running late so I opted for a no bake sinful super berry chocolate number. Upon our arrivals we quickly realized 3 of the 4 of us, all made / brought quiche, and not just any old quiche but spinach and feta quiche, a trio of them to be presise! We had a lovely filo crusted cumin kissed variety, one with a rustic sourdough tart shell made with homemade goat feta , and one with a traditional flakey pie crust  laced with shredded carrot. What a delicious suprise! Good thing my chickens were on strike and I was eggless or else we may have had a serious quiche-athon! As I said I opted for chocolate and whipped up this super silly easy fudge, which actually went very well with quiche and snake bites on a snowy sunday in the slocan.

This fudge couldn’t be easier:

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