chocolate peanut butter pie

PB pie

For someone who loves so much to cook and bake as much as I do, I must admit I have had some challenging equipment to “enjoy” over the past few years of mountain living. This smallholding adventure started with only a fire pit and camp stove  to cook on, which was fine, even novel and fun in the spring & summer, but by fall I was thrilled to upgrade to a 2 burner electric cooktop and the infrared oven!  Finally a vintage wood / electric stove from the 50’s caught my eye (it was love at first sight), however the love dwindled as the reality of cooking with ancient wiring where scald or burn were the only two settings I had. All in stride I managed to pump out some very lovely meals in volume for the last 2 years, enjoying my single oven rack in it’s cozy  16″ oven. Well that all change yesterday when we installed my spanky new convection range! yip convection range! The hum of the mixer called to me and I was eager to get baking and test out just how even the convection baking could be!

I made a roasted meal, a bit of a pre holiday farewell for our dear friend, and I thought using all 3 racks would be a fabulous test of the new ranges capacity. In one pan I slowly simmers bacon and onion scalloped potatoes in a thick cheesy sauce, on the second rack I roasted beets and almonds for a spelt berrie and cheese salad, and finally I broke out my favorite cream cheese puff pastry for a tart crust, and threw the oven into convection mode. Perfectly even golden crust… ah.

Cooking dinner was dreamy, no pot-on pot-off the element, just slow and steady easy dreamy meal making! What a delight.

So the order for last nights dessert was as follows: no hazelnuts (guest allergy), no eggs (chicken strike), peanut buttery (daughters demand), and chocolate (duh), thus the chocolate peanut butter pie in a spelt cream cheese pastry crust was born.

I can’t say enough good things about my recipe for spelt cream cheese puff pastry! It’s easy and so versatile  but yields a lovely flakey result every time.

Once you have made 1 batch of the puff pastry and the dough is pressed into a fabulous crust in a tart pan and have baked it to golden perfection you can start on the peanut butter filling:

In a double boiler melt

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 cups of good quality dark chocolate chunks

1 cup of organic Peanut Butter

Once silky and combined add in 1/2 cup of heavy cream and mix well until shiny

Pour mixture into baked (cooling) pie crust and let set in a cool place for at least and hour before slicing, serving and enjoying.

I made a huge round tart (16″) you could easily make two conventional sized pies with this recipe.

We decided this rich tart needed a dollop of fresh cream or a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of raspberry sauce to make it perfect.


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